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DropShots FAQs


What is DropShots?

DropShots is a great way to share photos and videos with your friends and family. It's the only photo sharing service that lets you control all your privacy settings: you decide who can see your albums and photos, and you decide whether your content gets indexed by the search engines or not. Best of all, it's FREE!

Are there any rules for using DropShots?

Yes, there are. Read our Terms to check out what's allowed and what's not.

My Account

How do I join DropShots?

It's easy and free! Just click on the "Register" link in the top menu, enter your name, email address, desired username and password, and you're done!

If you don't want to sign up with an email address, you can always sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Just click on "Login" in the menu and connect DropShots with one of your social media accounts.

Can I customize my profile?

Yes, you can. To customize your profile and upload a profile picture, click on the gear icon in the menu and click on "Settings". There you will be able to upload a profile picture, edit your personal information, and configure your privacy settings.

How do I find my friends on DropShots?

If your friends are already on DropShots, you can find them using the search field at the top and send them a friend request. Once your friend request is approved, you will be able to share photos privately, see your friends' restricted albums ("Friends only"), comment on their content and so on. Plus you will get notified about their recent activity.

If your friends are not using DropShots yet, you can invite them to join for free. Just go to your profile page, click on "Friends" in your personal menu and select "Invite friends". You will then be able to invite your friends to DropShots by sending them an email.

Managing Photos

How do I start uploading photos?

Uploading photos is easy - simply click on "Upload" in the top menu, click on "Add files" and add photos and/or videos you want to upload.

If you want to upload your photos faster using drag & drop, download and install our Desktop Uploader. And if you want to upload from your iPhone or iPad, get our free iOS apps.

How do I create albums?

It's very easy! Just click on your username to go to your account and then hover your mouse over "Albums". Then select "Create new album" from the drop-down menu.

How do I add photos to albums?

Upload some photos to DropShots and hover your mouse over them, then click on the tick mark to select them. Once you've selected all photos you want to add to an album, click on the "Move" link on the right-hand side and select the album you want to move the photos to.

How are my photos organized?

Your photos are automatically organized by the date when they were uploaded or by the date they were taken if your camera has an option to embed EXIF data.

Can I edit my photos online?

Sure! Click on the photo you want to edit and then hover your mouse over it. There you will see a number of options. The first one will let you apply filters and adjust your photos.

I want to share a photo on Facebook. How do I do that?

Just click on any photo to enlarge it, hover your mouse over it and click on the sharing icon on the right. You will see a number of sharing options including Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

Can I import photos from my other accounts?

Currently you can import photos from Instagram and Flikr. To do that, hover over "Import" in the menu and select the service from which you want to import photos. Then follow the prompts.

Privacy and Security

I want to make my album private. How do I do that?

You can control your albums' privacy settings globally through your settings or you can adjust each album's settings as you wish. To change the privacy settings for an album, open the album and click on its settings icon. There you will be able to set a passcode. When the passcode is created, only those who have it will be able to view the album.

I don't want Google to index my photos. Is that possible?

Yes! All you need to do is go to "Settings" and uncheck the "List in directory" checkbox. That will hide your photos and videos from the search engines. After you make the change, don't forget to scroll down and save your new settings.


What is the difference between the free plan and the paid one?

The paid plan gives you more freedom and more options. You get unlimited space to upload your photos and videos, there are no ads, and you can upload longer videos. In addition to that, you can upload larger and higher quality content. Plus you get premium customer support and other goodies. You can find out more about upgrading here.

When I upgrade, is there a contract?

No, we don't want to tie you into a contract. You can cancel your upgrade any time. You can choose to pay monthly, once a year or get a lifetime premium membership for only $99.95.

What are the payment options?

We accept all popular bankcards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and more. We also accept PayPal. You will see a full list of payment options when you are upgrading.


My friends can't view any of my photos. Why is that?

Most likely your privacy settings for all albums are set to "Only me". That means that only you have the permission to see your photos and videos. Go to "Settings" and change your privacy settings to "Public" or "Friends only" and see if it fixes the problem.

I'm trying to upload a video and it gets cut off. Why?

That's because videos have a time limit. If you are a free user, the maximum length for each video is 2 mins. If you are a premium user, then you can upload videos up to 10 mins. long each.

I've just uploaded some photos, but I can't find them. Where are they?

Check your camera's date and time settings and see if they are correct. If your camera embedded the wrong date into your photos, then they have been uploaded under that date and not the current one.

Why is the quality of my video on DropShots worse than the original?

That's because there are some video quality limitations for free users. Try converting your video to another format and upload it again.

Can't find an answer to your questions? Sent us an email to support@dropshots.com.