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DropShots service to help families stay connected and share life experiences

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January 12, 2006 One that got lost in the CES avalanche was the dropshots, a service to help friends and families stay connected through photos, videos, and conversations which has evolved from a three year University of California study on how to improve human interaction and strengthen the emotional bonds between people via advanced technology. Once a prototype under the name of, DropShots is the commercialization of this service now available to the general public. Already, DropShots hosts over 1.5 million photos and 100,000 video clips, and by word of mouth alone is growing at a monthly rate of over 35 percent.

With families as its core demographic target, DropShots is designed for all ages and levels of computer proficiency. Most other photo sharing services were designed for the technologically advanced, budding professional photographers, bloggers, or with the intent to urge people to purchase prints. DropShots has created new technology that makes it easy to share photos and videos with exceptional ease. Even grandma will be uploading video messages to her grandchildren spread over six states!

For busy moms on the go, DropShots makes it easier and faster to share important moments with friends and family. Through its proprietary DropBox utility, a user can drag a single picture or an entire folder with years of accumulated digital images, and it will all be automatically resized, uploaded, organized, and published by the date and time of capture. In one step everything is immediately ready to share. “DropShots is not only the first photo and video sharing site designed for families, but it is also a unique relational technology that improves and strengthens the relationships between people,” says DropShots CEO, Darren Hardy.

The magic of DropShots is what happens next. As with printed pictures, people share their photos to reminisce, laugh, and talk about the events of their life. The research on human relations concluded that the real joy of sharing photos was receiving feedback from viewers. The DropShots communication system was designed for comments from viewers to be an initiator to an ongoing dialogue between the user and the viewer, and between the viewers themselves.

This facilitates friends and family of the user interacting and connecting in a fun and meaningful way about important life moments. With this free service, one may upload up to 500 pictures and 10 videos, and then it is US$4.95/ month for unlimited use.

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